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  • The Global e-Mobility Forum is a continuation of the Driving Change Together initiative which was established during the COP24 and developed as of 2019 into an annual event. It’s first edition took place at the National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland and the second one – online.

Forum participants

  • The Forum is a high-level international event attended by the representatives of the international organizations, governments and companies – the influencers of the global e-mobility market.

Project concept

  • The first barriers to the development of the electromobility market have already been overcome – nevertheless the market faces a number of new challenges.
  • We are already observing huge changes in the labor market in this area, which requires taking action in the field of education for electromobility sector. This is a global challenge, because education systems, especially in dynamically developing sectors, do not always respond quickly enough to changes in the labor market. The lack of properly educated emplyees may slow down the development of clean transport and the race to climate neutrality.
  • As in the previous year, the forum will gather representatives of countries, cities and regions, representatives of non-governmental organizationds, business, as well as opinion leaders in the field of sustainable transport, who will initiate the debate on new competences and education dedicated to electromobility sector.



The challenges of reducing emissions and pollution cover all sectors of the economy, including transport. The transport sector is responsible for 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions. In the perspective of rapid urbanization of many countries of the world and progressive globalization, manifested by the increase in the volume of freight transport, as well as the mobility of people, this will result in an increase in the demand for transport services. The challenge of transport emissions is proving increasingly important. This trend puts the emphasis on technological and organisational change, steering the world towards electromobility and zero-emission transport.

Maintaining the current rate of development, including the development of urban agglomerations and megacities, while keeping the current transport model and the dominant types of propulsion and energy sources, is incompatible with the promotion of a sustainable transport model and the reduction of dependence on fossil fuels.

With this in mind, the Polish Presidency of COP24 proposed to make electromobility one of the leading topics of the Conference of the Parties. The tool to achieve this goal is the Driving Change Together – Katowice Partnership for Electromobility, prepared by Poland and the United Kingdom. It is an impetus to ensure that all people can live in clean, citizen and environmentally friendly cities by making efforts to promote electromobility and clean transport. It can stimulate legal, economic, social and cultural conditions for the development of electromobility, sustainable patterns and innovation in transport, with the ultimate effect of reducing emissions in this sector and improving the health of the planet’s population. Agreement partners can be states, regions and cities, as well as NGOs.

The Polish Presidency expresses the hope that the cooperation of all parties at global level will help to accelerate the electromobility revolution, creating one of the concrete dimensions of implementation of the Paris Agreement and fulfilment of the Global Climate Action objectives. Therefore, we encourage all interested parties to read the content of the declaration, as well as to become a signatory to it. The helm of the future is in our hands!


National Centre for Climate Change

Alicja Pawłowska-Piorun, PhD


Head of Energy and Climate Green Technologies Unit

National Centre for Climate Change

Polish Chamber of Electromobility Development Association

Krzysztof Burda

President of the Board

Polish Chamber of Electromobility Development Association

Polish Alternative Fuels Assotiation

Aleksander Rajch


Director – External Affairs

Polish Alternative Fuels Association