The global shift towards e-mobility, driven by innovation and environmental commitments, calls for a fresh approach to education that answers the needs of the new, EV-focused automotive sector. This year’s edition of the GEF – the international online conference organized by the National Centre for Climate Change – will be a forum to discuss how changes in education can help take advantage of growth opportunities provided by e-mobility.

This year’s edition of the Forum will consist of 4 panels, devoted to the following topics:

  • Challenges and opportunities for countries in the context of transformation of the automotive sector. Are countries prepared
    for changes in the labor market and in education?
  • Driving mobility and business together to the future – new skills and education in the automotive sector
  • Driving education together – how does education respond to the challenges of changes in the automotive labor market
  • E-mobility in journalism       


Our guests will address the ways in which countries can prepare for changes on the labour market and in education brought about by a shift to e-mobility, as well as the involvement of business in developing new skills in the automotive sector.


Experts will also share their experiences in ensuring that the education system appropriately responds to a changing labour market in the sector, and focus on the role of journalism in creating awareness of the importance of the development of e-mobility.

The Global e-Mobility Forum 2021 starts on Thursday, November 25th at 9 am CET – you can stream it live, free and without registration at